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I was sitting and wondering where the last 7 years have gone and then it hit me. Here is a list of all the tv shows I have seen till now and some opinions πŸ™‚


List is in the order of whatever came to my mind first < HOLY SHIT! This list is big, i really need to get a new hobby >.

EDIT: After realizing how big this has become, I have decided to break it up into rough categories


  1. Scrubs — the first few seasons were good, some episodes were hilarious; then it got boring, everyone was doing/saying the same crap. Married Carla/Turk was super annoying. I actually liked the 9th season, wonder why they cancelled it.
  2. The IT Crowd — it’s ok, funny at times. What I really like are Roy’s t-shirt quotes πŸ˜€
  3. The Big Bang Theory — Look at Scrubs
  4. How I Met Your Mother — Look at BBT
  5. Will and Grace — This one is one of my favorites, inspired and witty humor and brilliant acting.
  6. Friends — I have seen this more than 10 times, need I say more?
  7. The Middle — Meh
  8. Everybody Loves Raymond — This was really good, but then all the episodes started having the same story. And I hate Ray’s whiny voice.
  9. Two and a half Men — Look at HIMYM
  10. Malcolm in the Middle — Very very funny for the first 5 season, after that well, this sums it up
  11. That 70’s show — Good till the very end and has some really nice background music
  12. Arrested Development — it was funny and at times witty, but i really don’t get theΒ  hype
  13. Jeeves and Wooster — Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and P.G Wodehouse’s novels, this show was epic. Although it didn’t follow the original story closely
  14. Yes Minister — I like all British comedy series
  15. Mind Your Language — I like all British comedy series
  16. Wonder Years — I was introduced to this by Tipo and only saw a few episodes, may be 2 seasons, but this was very nice
  17. Whose Line is it anyways — I liked certain parts, most of it I found boring, most of all the extemporaneous song stuff
  18. Coupling — Just google “Jeff Murdock” and you’ll see what I am talking about
  19. I Dream of Jennie — I was ok for it time.
  20. Seinfeld — B.O.R.I.N.G
  21. Two Guys and a Girl — This was never released on dvd, and I really don’t know why. I love this show, one of my favorites. I really liked all the characters, esp. Irene ( One of her cat’s name was “Chairman Meow” πŸ™‚


  1. Family Guy — first 7 seasons were good, now as disgusting as south park, all episodes about Meg or Chris are just plain boring.
  2. South Park — Yuck! I wouldn’t dare watch an episode unless someone has seen it first and I trust that person. Although I have to admit some of it is absolutely brilliant and I am a big fan of the movie πŸ˜€
  3. Samurai Jack — Must watch. Samurai Jack is as good as cartoons can get
  4. Justice League — First 4 seasons were nice, very nice plot and voice acting. 5th season had like 100000000 superheroes and boring
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender — again a must watch. very very nice story and amazing art work. it is so good it was ruined by a 3D movie.
  6. DragonballZ — everyone knows about this, I am not saying anything except “stop fucking up good series with stupid movies, morons”.

Mystery/Thiller etc.

  1. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — You have to see it to believe how good this was. This series happens in the time between T2 and T3 and I can’t find words to describe how good the story was ( Also, it had summer glau ). And it suffered the same fate as some of the other shows on this list; cancelled prematurely and then to add insult to injury followed by a shitty movie.
  2. FlashForward — Based on an award-winning book, this show had an amazing concept ( see how I am using the past tense for all the good show? ). The story was so good that each episode was like a cliffhanger.
  3. Dollhouse — One of my favorite shows, not just because of the story but because it was able to reflect the frailty of human society.
  4. Supernatural — Bravo, to this show to not get cancelled. I have enjoyed every supernaturally good episode of supernatural for the last 5 season. Each season had a mind-blowing finale and was followed an equally astounding first episode. If you want to see how good this show, just watch the episode in which Dean talks to “Death”, WOHA. Hopefully the next season will be just as good.
  5. Jericho — Without a doubt number one on my list. The tension and the excitement when watching this show was palpable. Morons, cancelled it for some shit like “let’s see this fat woman dance and fall on her ass” or “who can eat more bugs”.
  6. Fringe — Interesting concept, very interesting indeed. Thankfully it is stilling going on. This show is convoluted, it is horrifying and you should absolutely watch it
  7. House — House rules. I have seen this multiple time and I like it more every time I watch it. In fact, i will write the rest of it later, I am going to go watch House, yay! ( watch S3E12, if you want to see how good this is, it may not be factually correct, but who cares, certainly not House )
  8. V — This is one of best sci-fi shows, based on a British short series, it is a story of aliens that come in peace but have a sinister purpose. Again the paranoia and the characters keep you hooked except Tyler; fuck Tyler.
  9. Burn Notice — I started watching this recently and I have to say this has quickly become my favorite. It is about this super spy who gets disowned and wants to find out why. The show is funny and I love the hardware hacking that they keep doing. The story is gripping and the “side” story always fun; plus stuff explodes
  10. Hustle — Same old; started off well; then sucked. First 3 seasons are brilliant; but Burn Notice rulz.
  11. Heroes — Bah; lame; waste of time;
  12. Lost — I saw the first season and was amazed; then second one was boring and by the time the third came around I was watching other things. Now I am a sucker for a good story but this one was fucked way to many times.
  13. Chuck — This had an interesting concept and Yvonne Strahovski. Most of the show is her kicking ass and some other things also happen. Apparently revived for a fourth season, I don’t know why.
  14. 24 — Bah; Jack Bauer has a constipated look and criminal tells him the whole plot lest he soils himself; then 2 hours later shit explodes; then 1/2 hour later everyone is dying and in another hour all is good but then ooh; a twist and bad guys get killed.
  15. Prison Break — Same as Lost; saw first season minus the parts outside the prison; then couldn’t follow the second one and stopped.
  16. Firefly — This is one of the all time great sci-fi shows; there was even a movie made; which is also good. There are too many things, all good, about this show, so please just watch it. Also, it was cancelled.
  17. Dark Angel — Jessica Alba on a Kawasaki Ninja 650. Let me repeat that. Jessica. Alba. on. a. Kawasaki Ninja 650. This show was so good that I used to watch the episode get downloaded and then watch it immediately. It had a brilliant story also.
  18. CSI
  19. Kyle XY
  20. Sherlock
  21. Roswell


  1. The Daily Show
  2. Colbert Report


  1. Californication
  2. Entourage
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. The O.C.
  5. My Name is Earl
  6. Grey’s Anatomy
  7. Glee
  8. One Tree Hill
  9. Skins
  10. Freaks and Geeks
  11. Rome
  12. Spartacus: Blood and Sand


  1. Top Gear

PS: Will be updated as I watch more/ remember something worth putting it here


15 thoughts on “TV Shows

  1. Heyyyy… Don’t you watch ‘THE OFFICE’?? Steve Carell at his best! Must watch, I say.. ( Genre: Comedy)

    Also, Being erica in Drama.. Pretty neat!

  2. what about deathnote, it was awesome. And apprentice? Thanks for introducing me to at least half of the list :)(special mentions avatar, supernatural, prison break, terminator, big bang, house, …).

    Watch Mad Men, you will really like this series.

    1. I didn’t watch deathnote, don’t really like japanese anime. you’re welcome. I was thinking about getting mad men, do you have it?

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