Getting Smart

I wanted to get more organized with gaming so that I could enjoy all the new games, whilst not missing any new stuff. So I made a list of games I want to play in 2011.

  1. Bulletstorm
  2. Homefront
  3. Dragon Age 2
  4. Crysis 2
  5. Mass Effect 2
  6. Diablo 3
  7. Infamous 2
  8. Fear 3
  9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  10. L.A. Noire
  11. Portal 2
  12. Resistance 3
  13. Uncharted 3
  14. Elder Scrolls 5
  15. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  16. Last Guardian
  17. Darkspore

Now, as it is with list, it got me thinking. 17 Games * Rs. 2600 per game = Rs. 44200. WHAT! ok ok. what if I get them second-hand, that involves waiting for a couple of months 😦 17*1600 = Rs. 27200

So it was time to get smart. What i noticed was that only Infamous, Resistance, Uncharted and Last Guardian are PS3 exclusives. Others can be obtained for lesser ( ahem! ) 13*600 = Rs. 7800 ( approx. cost of a new PC game ).

Savings >= 20K-25K. So I got myself a new graphics card. A Sapphire Radeon HD4670 for Rs. 3642.

Nvidia 7900 ( Old and Ugly )
Radeon HD4670 ( Look how pretty )
Hell yes! Prepare to Dominate

Why this you may ask. Well let me tell you.

  1. Old PC is shitty. shitty motherboard, shitty CPU. shitty RAM etc.
  2. most importantly shitty PSU. This card has one of the lowest power consumptions, doesn’t even need an external power input from PSU
  3. Many Many outputs. DVI/HDMI/VGA. And since I have a decent display, this is a plus. And when I decide to upgrade, this can become the home theater card.
  4. It is cheap.
  5. Anything better won’t fit my motherboard and I don’t want to be investing that much right now.

I must say, I am extremely happy with the card. 7900 would over heat like a mother, anytime anything was happening. But 4670 is cool all the time, I understand it not fair to compare technologies that are 10 years apart.

It doesn’t run the games at stellar graphics, with every thing at MAX, but I don’t really care. Bulletstorm was choppy but that is because of the cpu and harddisk more than the card. Dragon Age 2 is running perfectly at 1600×1200 with everything at HIGH!


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