Recently I had a chance to travel to Goa, courtesy Yahoo! ( Placements @ Bits Goa ). I have been there once before, and this time it was off-season, and it kept raining most of the time; but it was a fun trip nevertheless. I think December is the time go there, you can go and do all kinds of stuff like drive around in a water scooter, speed boat, go see the dolphins or para-sailing etc. Here is me at 110 feet, it was a nice feeling 🙂


The best part is when you are sailing upwards, those people are super skilled but it is still scary and seeing water all around is always overwhelming. Once you are at the zenith, it is pretty dull, the boat keeps going around quite fast, but you are stationary for the most part. The view is amazing, you can see the open sea for miles. Then they bring you down; down to the exact spot you left, or for an extra 50, they will drop you in the water. If you wake up early, you can go see dolphins; but I was quite tired and on a tight schedule.

I think the most famous beach is Baga Beach, where all this stuff is available, but you should definitely visit Vagator Beach, here are some pics to convince you. It is even better in the night apparently.

Vagator Beach
Also Vagator Beach

There are some nice places to eat. I ate at Britto’s. The ambiance is quite nice, there is this seafood platter that everyone keeps going crazy about, anyways, that was the first time I ate squid ( it’s squishy and chewy ). There is another restaurant, I forget the name, where the “ambiance” is even nicer and “stuff” is available. If you want to eat veg. I think Lazylagoon, which is a hotel has a very nice buffet. Food at Bits Goa is also amazing (like studying in Goa wasn’t enough for the lucky fucks ); I suggest the malai-kofta.

Here is Baga Beach, on and off-season.

Baga Beach; off-season
Baga Beach; during tourist season

So, there, that is one less place to visit.


5 thoughts on “Goa

  1. nice 🙂 … if at all, you happen to go to Pune/ Mumbai, just keep me posted .. I’ll drop in and we can have a great time 😀

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