Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is boring as hell

Total Snoozefest

Thanks to aiee-wee and his aziz-ness, I got MGS4 from Hyderabad ( Thanks guys ) and I have to say, this game is boring as hell. Firstly, I am not familiar with this cult franchise and this is the first MGS game that I ever played.

So here are the general things. Graphics were ok, I didn’t see what was so special. The background score was good. blah blah, yadda yadda.

Who in the hell’s toilet thought that a 22 minute introduction of a fucking weapon shop guy was a good idea? eh? All that time could be spent sneaking around and stabbing people. And frankly that part wasn’t fun either. The camera was very very weird for me. Snake would standup at odd times and camera would be over his head, if you are hiding under a thing, it is first person, but god forbid you try to take a peek, it just goes crazy. Same thing with guns, switching between third person and first person wasn’t fun.

The controls, plain SUCKED. So I have this guy by the throat and I try to press /\, [], X, O, everything but nothing is happening and then I refer to the fucking manual ( who knew I had to RTFM for games ) and I have to press R1 and then a whole bunch of other stuff before he stabs that foo’. Don’t even get me started on vaulting over stuff or dropping down ledges.

I am yet to see a game with so many guns that suck all at the same time, frankly, why shouldn’t I be running around with my knife alone ( after 3-4 hours of blinding rage with the controller, you get a hang of the STAB action ).

The last straw was this constant, ->sneak up to dead bad guy -> lift him up and get some random crap -> standup and get caught -> kill morons with knife -> repeat

I don’t know if I was playing the game wrong or if I didn’t “get it”, but I sincerely tried, I played the game for 4-5 hours and spread them over a couple of days to alleviate the frust00ness. Those long long cut scenes were super boring. Story was blah, at least till part I managed to play. Battles were tedious and overall the game was not fun at all.


One thought on “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is boring as hell

  1. Thank god, I never bought it because I hated the version on the PSP, and I also hate how a lot of people have this game on their top lists and regard it as a really awesome game.. The only thing japan is good for is monster hunter and demon souls.

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