Uncharted 2

I finally got around to playing UC2 and I have to admit, it is much better than I expected. Firstly, the nice stuff. The game is unbelievably pretty. Here are some pics to prove that ( stupid ps3 should have a screenshot mechanism, taking pics of your monitor is just dumb )

View of a Lake or something
View of a Lake or something
View of Nepal
View of Nepal

After seeing the pictures, I decided that my camera isn’t doing much justice to the game, so I suggest you see it for yourself. The artwork is inspired and absolutely breathtaking. And, bravo to the game developers for adding so much color and vibrance to the game, it really payed off. Background music is quite good, and Drake is funny as usual. His banter and monologue make puzzles and traversing much less boring. However, what’s up with the same reaction by the NPC’s when he falls to his death ( I fall off quite often ), I would have liked a little variety there.

Now that we are done with the audio/visual aspect of the game, let’s get to the story. If you have played UC1, there is nothing really new here, it is the same template. However, the story is told beautifully and the game is very immersive. The twists and turns, although predictable are ‘ok’ to keep you engaged and there is a customary train level, which is quite good.

The weapons in the game suck, I hated the weapons in the first one and they are same in this, except for a couple more, which also suck. I hate that I have to do an extra button to pick up ammo and I hate the zoomed in part. The camera is not very helpful when you are crouched behind a pillar and each time you go in and out of ADS ( that’s aiming-down-the-sight ) it is looking at a new area, which sucks. But the stealth killing and sneaking around is much more polished and satisfying compared to UC1.

I love treasure hunting in UC2, the treasures are hidden very well but it isn’t as bad as GOW-2, seriously, how the hell are you supposed to know that you have slow time and go back to a random nook and look for a chest ? Anyways, I was able to find 100/101 treasures and it was a fun experience.

There are some nice easter egg’s and I like ’em all, esp. Marco-Polo, heh. But what is up with all the washing machines in Nepal? Seriously, and that too front loading washing machines, rows and rows of them.

There are a few glitches and bugs and sometimes enemies are dumb, sometimes the game freezes, sometimes you land up magically under a wooden platform and can’t get out, but overall it is a very very nice game. It is well balanced, not very difficult, not too easy. Level design and areas are wonderful. I have run out of adjectives to use, so I will stop. I won’t, however, comment on the multiplayer, cause I don’t think 3rd person shooters can have a decent competitive multiplayer.

PS1: I want to write something about Darksiders and Heavy Rain, both of which are very good


8 thoughts on “Uncharted 2

  1. Isnt it more like PS3 has the facility for screen shots. But it all depends on the game-disk (the settings/options of the game package) whether the facility can be used ??

    1. yes, the ability is there, but why should the game do that, at any point of time I should be able to dump the screen to an image.

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