God of War 3 made me sad

Shiben told me about God of War and thanks to him I played God of War 1 and 2. And boy, was it good. I am BIG fan of greek mythology and I have played Age of Mythology 20-30 times, which had similar story line. But an RTS cannot attain the same level of immersion as a FPS or Third person.

And so I became a devout GOW fan. Dude, Kratos and Gia climbing Mt. Olympus, i couldn’t have waited for 5 years like the other people. Then came GOW3, with all the hype and trailers and demos and fanboys screaming and pre-ordering it from 4 places. I was waiting for someone else to finish it before I got it >:) Once it was shiben approved, I got a copy and finished it in a couple of days and again just now ( Left the shield of Helios behind and missed a Gold Trophy :(( )

I was immensely disappointed. The story was done with the attitude of “Meh, lets just get this over with and collect the big bags of $$$$”. Even Kratos didn’t really want to play. He seemed disconnected and disinterested most of the times, his original character shown through only during boss fights.

The boss fights themselves were haphazard and poorly ordered. Like, would it have mattered if I killed Hermes or not, except for the boots thing or for that matter Helios. They were only required for some very minor platforming element and did nothing for the story. They order of their deaths was also not important.

Then comes the pointless killing of everyone, what the fuck? Poor Gaia, why did she have to die and Kronos and the Red dude who helped kill Helios, he died so I could reach a higher platform, shit, can’t you ask him to put you there? At this point I feel, if I had the Rage the of Titans I would go and rip Sony apart.

I enjoyed the water puzzles in God of War 2 and here you had River Styx, fuck, River Styx and nothing. It was used as a shortcut to get other older places.

Most of the puzzles were lame and I visited the same area too many times.

The whole “I must raise these stupid fucking boxes in the air” made me loose all respect. At this point I am to angry to continue, so I will go cool myself off and say _||_ to GOW3, you ruined a perfectly nice game for me.


3 thoughts on “God of War 3 made me sad

  1. Well for story its true that it was just finished in a hurry. However everything else was so awesome, gfx, gameplay, level design kicked ass. Killing the bosses was awesome too.
    I have finished it 3 times now 😀

    1. yes sir gfx were good, but that sense of being a part of huge environment and titans was very short lived. gameplay had nothing original, which is ok, cause it is awesome as it is.
      level design was meh, there were no challenging puzzles, and the stupid guitar hero was just annoying. How many times to do you go back to the “Forge”, 6-7 fucking times.

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