Independence day

Today is the 5th of December 2007 and people
would wonder why is this called Independence Day? Isn’t Independence Day on 15th
August? Oh, and what is on 26th January, I am getting forgetful.
Why are we “Independent” only on 26th err… 15th
August? I thought ever since the great people and Gandhi gave up their lives,
made numerous sacrifices for our freedom, we were independent.
But is independence the same as freedom? Well I would beg to
differ. Independence
can come with freedom but not the other way around. We, as a nation, are free,
sovereign. But are we really independent? We still have to look to kiss an
ass-cheek here or there to get our whiny, cry-baby foreign policy validated. I
don’t say, go bomb every country that ever killed any Indians ( I think someone
already tried that and people aren’t very happy about it) but grow a pair, look
around what are our “neighbors” doing, harboring terrorists, making claims on
our land.
And all the people who believe that: “live and let die”
works for me and I really don’t care what goes on in the remote Arunachal
Pradesh or Kashmir, I would like to ask only this, what if the army and police
thought the way you do? Would the Tamilians go and die in Siachen, would the
Gorkhas bleed from the naxal violence in south? Everyone would want to defend
only his land, his state, his city. What would you do if you you are not strong enough, or the enemies are too many? Quite a problem, you see?
It has always been the calling of the motherland that its
children have answered, we have defended every part of India with our
blood and would continue to do so.
Over the past 60 years we have lost this feeling along the
way and become patriotic if we hear an old patriotic song or see some movie,
which is in fact trying to pwn the sacrifices of our real heroes (yes, RDB I
am looking at you ). So we become patriotic on 26th, oh man, 15th
and forget the next day that everyday since 15th August 1947 has
been independence day and 15th August is just stuck with that name.

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5 thoughts on “Independence day

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