of Ubuntu, Rhythmbox and Easytag

I have always loved Ubuntu and even though I have tried many distros ( red hat 7,8,9 fc1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Slackware and of course freebsd ) it has remained my favorite. It because of its inherent user friendly nature. You can give Ubuntu to anyone and he/she will find it very usable and customizable. Ubuntu doesn’t assume that you know something about *nix. This I think is very important. If more and more people start using some disto or the other, we will have more user base -> more popularity -> more satisfaction to the developer seeing his product being used -> more development -> more and more people contributing back to *nix and Ubuntu is going a great job at this. The package manager kicks ass and Ubuntu has become smarter as it has matured. I did not expect my Ipod to work without a lot of pain in the ass, but it did. I plugged it in and it just worked out of the box. No mounting junk, no finding drivers which don’t work anyways. Gtkpod went to the extent of asking me my ipod’s series and model, configured itself and i was ready to transfer music and photos to it. I am glad to say good-riddance to itunes. Now some people might say that too much gui implies lesser control over the system and it is not that i don’t like that extra control which other distros provide me with, but at some point of time you are like, “waaah why cant it work on its own?” and the answer is Ubuntu.

Now coming to the next problem, i have 53GB of music. I don’t know how on god’s green earth it got tagged ( ID3 tags ) the way it did but it needless to say the ipod cant understand shit. Plus no album art. Now i would like some album art but I don’t want to go hunting for it. here is where rhythmbox and easytag come in.

Rhythmbox with gstreamer-plugins ( you know why you need those don’t you? ) is amazing. It will fetch all the album art from amazon ( thanks ) automatically. And you have to use easytag to see how “easy” it really is. Some simple pattern matching on that 100 character filename of the mp3 and voila! you have all the tags filled out and the name is proper too, no –all caps–glaring in the face—ugly title with underscores, you get a neat and clean name format of your choice built from the tags itself. Whats more it will be moved to appropriate directory depending on your choice of artist, album whatever.

Enough said, try out Ubuntu and free yourself from the clutches of M$.


ps: I don’t know why, may be because “Steve Gods” thought so, but itunes cannot load the library from ipod back onto itself. Hence the “sync” function works only one way. FTW? one of reason why i had to install Ubuntu in the first place 🙂 . Long story for another day


4 thoughts on “of Ubuntu, Rhythmbox and Easytag

  1. huh…yes, ubuntu is nice !! cld be better if the distro came with the freakin standard libraries..they gave me make and gcc without the libraries …wtf !!

    ps: SuSE 9.1 kicks ass 😛

  2. linux ubuntu rocks! I’ve been fustrated with some of Rhythmbox’s quirks. After trying a bunch of players like Banshee,exhale,amarok,Muine, and xmms. I settled on Listen. It’s written in python by that frenchman. It builds dynamic playlists from your own collection based on last fm information. Very cool! Now I don’t have to spend a lot of time making my own playlists. I just pick a song for the mood I’m in ant it continues with similar songs.
    Try it

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