Compiling Pidgin on Freebsd 4.11

did i say Freebsd sucks.

if i didn’t, freebsd sucks

here’s what you do.

  1. get pidgin ( don’t ask me why its
    still storing your password in clear text )

  2. if you have nss


    it should show nss in the end of
    this process as
    SSL Library/Libraries……… :Mozilla NSS

    sudo gmake

    sudo gmake install

  3. if you have gnutls. firstly, its not going to work.if you still want to try do this.
    ./configure –enable-gnutls=yes –enable-nss=no <gnutls include> <gnutls libs>
    this is needed cause nss is the default thing
    it should show gnutls in the end of this process as
    SSL Library/Libraries……… :GnuTls

    sudo gmake
    (don’t ask me why sudo gmake ask pidgin ppl)

    sudo gmake install

    there are a few more hacks which are
    needed like gadu-gadu has to be disabled and one blocking call in
    nat-pmp.c has to commented. will post later. must go sleep now.


12 thoughts on “Compiling Pidgin on Freebsd 4.11

  1. 4.11 came out over 2 years ago. FreeBSD stopped supporting the outdated 4.x branch long ago. 6.2 is the current version, and 6.3 and 7.0 are due out next month. Maybe if you used a reasonably-current and supported version of FreeBSD you would have fewer problems…? Then the only steps would be:

    cd /usr/ports/net-im/pidgin
    make clean install

    As it is, your method isn’t even the proper steps to install a program in 4.11. Your problems are neither the fault of Pidgin’s developers nor FreeBSD’s.

  2. ya ya i know freebsd 4.11 is old and this is not the way of compiling stuff and i should be using ports etc. however, cause of reason i cant say, i am stuck with this. and cause the same reasons i cant use ports. hence i can only compile stuff from source.
    @gaganpreet thanks will check it out

  3. 1. The su(do) requirement is related to permissions. You need root to install to your system. That’s a GOOD thing, not something to complain about. And it’s neither FreeBSD’s nor pidgin’s fault.

    2. Did you read INSTALL and README and ./configure –help *before* you started compiling?

    3. FreeBSD doesn’t suck. It did exactly what it’s supposed to do. You didn’t. Don’t blame the OS for your lack of understanding or your refusal to RTM.

    4. If compiling source is too much work (RTM?) or too complicated for you, use packages, ports, pkgsrc, etc. There’s no shame in it.

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